5 Things Vapers Must Try – WHATS YOUR VAPE
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5 Things Vapers Must Try

5 Things Vapers Must Try

So you have been vaping for some time now. Congrats on making the switch! However, sometimes you may feel that you are not getting a satisfying vape or maybe not as satisfying as you first started. 

If this is the case, here a few things to try to get your excitement for vaping back.

1. Sub-oHm 

You may or may not heard of this term before. Either way it is pretty simple. The way your vaporizer works is that the battery heats up a coil that is wrapped with cotton. That is where the juice is absorbed in to and as the coil heats up, the juice becomes vapor. 

Some coils have more resistance to electricity while others have less. This resistance is measured in oHms. The lower the resistance the more powerful the vape will be.

Find a good looking sub-oHm tank (below 1 oHm) and try it for yourself. You'll see the difference is like night and day!

2. Battery Upgrade

The battery powering your device also has a lot to do with how your vaping experience is. The more power your battery is providing the better the vape will be (Unless of course it is pumping out too much power.) 

Get a battery that has variable settings so you can find your sweet spot. 

3. Coil Building

Warning: This is not for everyone.

Some vapers have found that to get their best vaping experience they'd have to make their own coils. Different sizes and styles of coils will have different resistances and produce different amounts of vapor and flavor. 

This is usually done by advanced vapers. If you think you are ready to try it out, get your self some good equipment to get started.

4. Try New Flavors

A lot of the satisfaction in vaping comes from the various flavour profiles you can pick up on during your vaping. Some widely loved flavours include: Cream, Fruits, Desserts and more. 

If you are feeling like your vaping is getting stale, try switching up your juice to a new and exciting flavour and see if that helps. 

Check out our selection for the top juices at the lowest cost!

5. Meet Up

Find meet ups with vapers and get to know your local vaping community. The vaping community is known to be very welcoming and helpful. Vapers love sharing their tips and secrets for a better vape. 

Go to a vape shop and ask them if there are any vape peeps any time soon. Or search the internet and see what is going on nearby. 

Heck, if you can't find anything then make one! 



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